A Unique Birthing Experience

The forth-coming launch of the first Birth Centre in Ireland is an exciting new departure in Irish maternity care that will offer increased choice in place of birth and the opportunity of a unique birthing experience for women and their families. The name, Alukura House, meaning 'place of birth', is inspired by founder & Director Philomena Canning's work experience as a midwife with the Aboriginal women of Central Australia, and is a tribute to the oldest living culture on our planet.


In the past two decades, Birth Centres situated independently of hospital maternity services have become a common feature of maternity services internationally. Today, there are 52 such Birth Centres in England; Wales has 10; while Scotland has 7 (www.babycentre.co.uk). They are also a feature of maternity services in most countries across Europe, North America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

We believe the option of Birth Centre care should also be widely available in Ireland and we are committed to ensuring that Alukura House is merely the first of many more to come in the future.

We need your support to develop Birth Centre services in Ireland and to bring Alukura House to fruition as our first. You can help us to achieve our goal in two important ways: firstly, by completing our survey to let us know how you feel about having this option available for your maternity care; and secondly, by spreading the message about our website to your friends. The development of Birth Centre services is dependent on the level of demand, so please sow the seeds for this option of care in your local area.

The survey is focussed on the views of women who are of childbearing age and who reside in the Republic of Ireland. You are invited to participate in our survey, even if you have not yet given birth; if you are currently pregnant; or you are hoping to, or may, have a/another baby in the future.

We are also interested in the views of midwives both as providers and users, or potential users, of maternity care. This means that, as a student or registered midwife, you are invited to complete the survey for midwives, and, if you are eligible, to complete the survey for women as well.

Before you complete the survey, please read the information provided about Birth Centres so that you understand what the service is all about.

Both surveys are short and should take little more than a few minutes to tick the boxes.
Thanks in advance for your participation.

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