About Birth Centres
— Who can use the Birth Centre?

You can use the services of the Birth Centre if you are healthy and well, including first-time mothers; if your pregnancy is deemed to be ‘low-risk’; and you have a good chance of having a normal birth at full term.

You would be advised to avail of maternity hospital care, if, for example:

  • you have gestational diabetes;
  • you have high blood pressure;
  • your baby has problems that have been picked up already
  • your baby is at risk of being born early.

For women who have had a planned hospital birth, the Birth Centre offers the option of extended convalescence following hospital discharge for those who feel the need for on-going care and support on a 24-hr basis. If, for example, you have had a Caesarean Section or you are experiencing difficulty in establishing breastfeeding, you may wish to avail of our residential postnatal service at the Birth Centre until you are ready to go home.